Tailgater's Guide to SEC Football by Chris Warner

by: Maroon U

Are you as passionate about tailgating as you are history? Are you interested in learning more regarding the SEC? With The Tailgater's Guide to SEC Football Volume Five you can always stay prepared for Texas A&M football season!

The definitive guide to the history and traditions of the 14 schools of the Southeastern Conference (2020). Contains profiles of great players and coaches, school histories, recipes, famous alumni, where to shop and golf, etc. The Bible of SEC Football.

This book is dedicated to all the Southern people who live for Saturdays in the fall, for those individuals who plan their business and personal engagement around their favorite team's football schedule; for those who always experience a rise in their body temperature when they enter the stadium; for those who shed a tear during the singing of their alma mater; and especially, for those who know all the words to their school fight song... These things that we hold dear - all true SEC fans know and love and look forward to each autumn. 


  • 320 pages
  • Paperback

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